Alliance Premier League
   Operated by Iowa Soccer & Nebraska State Soccer

Participating State Associations:

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 Assignor         10.00
 U11/U12  Center        32.00
AR        21.00
 U13/U14  Center        40.00
AR        25.00
 U15/U16  Center        45.00
AR        30.00
 U17/U18  Center        50.00
AR        35.00


Referee Rules

Team Rosters

State Certified Rosters or an APL Roster approved by State Association will be the rosters used for the league. The APL Roster can include Club Pass players and will be a form that can be processed from the league website and submitted to the State Association for approval. U12 teams that will be playing 11 v 11 that want to bring more then 16 players will need to fill out a Supplemental Club Pass Roster and have it approved be their State Association.

Players may only play for one club in the APL

In situations where multiple teams from the same club are participating in the APL, including multiple teams within the same age group:

  1. At no time shall a player play for more than one APL team in any one day.
  2. At no time shall a player play for more than one team within the same age group.

Match Rosters

Prior to each match, a copy of the participating team’s approved State Certified Roster or APL Roster, and Supplemental Club Pass Roster (U12 only) approved by their state association, must be presented to the referee officiating the match, along with the coach/player passes. The Match Roster must identify the 18 players for the match and the jersey number for each player. The jersey number can be written on the rosters. Referees will collect the player passes for players participating in the match and the Match Roster. The players passes and Match Roster will be returned after the match.


The “Laws of the Game” as authorized by FIFA, and modified for youth play by the USSF, US Youth Soccer, or the participating State Associations, apply to all youth soccer matches sanctioned by the APL.

Number of Players:

No team shall play an APL match with less than seven (7) players, and no team may play or suit up more than 18 players in any APL match.

A TEN (10) minute GRACE-PERIOD shall be granted to any team that does not have the minimum seven players by match time. If the team has seven, the match shall start on time. Any team failing to field seven players after the grace-period shall FORFEIT the match.

Players/Coach Passes

All teams are required to present a valid US Youth Soccer player/coach pass for each player, head coach, assistant coach, trainer and/or manager that will be on the member team’s sideline. Passes must be complete with pictures and laminated on both sides. Player, head coach, assistant coaches, trainers and/or managers will not be allowed to participate or be on the sideline without a pass.

A maximum number of 4 coaches, including trainers, may be on the team sideline.

If by send off or emergency, a team does not have a coach, manager, or team official to supervise the APL team during the match, the match shall be forfeited.

Substitutions & Player Passes

In the U-18, U-16 and U-15 age groups the APL will operate under the Seven (7) “per half” substitution system. Once replaced, players cannot re-enter the match during that half of play. Each player shall present their player pass to the referee upon entering the field of play.  Passes will be returned to the players at the end of the half. Players will present passes upon entering the match during the second half. Substitutions may be made during any stoppage in play at the discretion of the referee. 

In the U-11, U-12, U-13 and U-14 age groups, unlimited substitutions will be permitted. Referees will collect all the player passes at the start of the match and return them after the match is complete. Substitutions may be made during any stoppage in play at the discretion of the referee.

Match Time and Ball Size:

U11/U12, Two 30-minute halves
U-13/14, Two 35-minute halves
U-15/16, Two 40-minute halves
U-18, Two 45-minute halves

The home team will provide an acceptable size 4 ball for U-11/U-12 and size 5 ball for U-13 - U-18 to the referee for the match.

Any intra-state match played short after the second half kickoff will be considered complete.

Player Equipment:

Player equipment includes a jersey or shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards, and appropriate footwear. All players must have the same complete uniform, each with a number. No duplicate numbers will be allowed. Goalkeepers will have a shirt that distinguishes him/her from the other players and the referee, but do not need a number on their goalkeeper jersey.

A player with blood on his/her body, clothing, and/or other equipment must exit the field immediately as directed by the referee. Once the situation is cleaned/repaired the player may return to the match at the discretion of the referee.

When there is a conflict in uniform color, the home team must change their uniform color, subject to the match referee’s decision.

Players on the bench will wear matching pennies.

Field of Play

The coaches and match referee should inspect the integrity of the goals and ensure they are anchored and suitable for play. Matches shall not begin until both goals have been firmly anchored.

Inclement Weather

The Host team is responsible for notifying the League Director as soon as possible if matches on scheduled fields are unable to be played due to field closings or inclement weather.  Rescheduling of matches is decided by League Director.


The Referee Assignors will ensure that all referees assigned APL matches are certified as required by the USSF.

It is the responsibility of the Referee Assignors to ensure that only referees of the highest caliber are assigned matches played in the APL.

If the League Director receives a report of inappropriate behavior by a referee, they will meet with the Referee Assignor to investigate the report. The League Director and Referee Assignor will determine actions from the report.

The referees will officiate all matches in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the game and modifications by the league.

The Referee Assignors will communicate with the League Director 120 days prior to the start of the seasonal year to determine the fees to be paid to referees.

The League Director will assure that all teams pay an equal fee for referees within an age division.

All discipline involving an ejection of any head coach, assistant coach, trainer and/or spectator shall be forwarded to the League Director before 10:00pm the day of the match by the head referee. It is the responsibility of the referee to provide a written report, with supporting reports from the assistant referees within 48 hours of the incident.

Referees may terminate matches for lack of crowd control, poor team behavior or other unsportsmanlike circumstances.  The Referee will report the termination of any match to the League Director within 24 hours.  The League Director shall ascertain the facts and determine appropriate disciplinary action that may include:

  1. Reprimand
  2. Forfeiture of match as appropriate
  3. Suspension from future APL matches until a hearing is conducted

If play is stopped at any time due to one of the teams (by action of players, coaches, administrators, spectators) judged to be at fault, it shall be at the discretion of the League Director whether match is to be replayed or declared a forfeit.

Matches should be officiated by the three-person FIFA/USSF Referee system.  In the event the assigned officials fail to appear (within 10 minutes of match time) an attempt to secure certified officials should be made.  In the event certified USSF referees are not available, the referee may appoint a Club Assistant Referee.  Club Assistant Referee’s shall be limited to decisions only on touchlines and possession as specified by FIFA/USSF Referee Guidelines.

In the event that a referee is not present for a match, and the coaches agree upon a mutual referee, the match score will be official, and no protests concerning that match shall be allowed.



All teams registered in the APL shall be required to play all of their scheduled league matches. Teams not playing a scheduled league match are subject to a $400 fine and possible suspension from the APL.

No match may be cancelled for any reason other than an “Act of God” Failure to adhere to this policy will render the offending team responsible for all referee fees and match expenses for the cancelled match.

Cancelled matches will be rescheduled by the League Director. Coaches or team managers should contact each other, agree on a date to reschedule and forward the information to the League Director. All reschedules are dependent on field and referee availability. Matches not rescheduled will be posted as Not Played. Failure to adhere to this policy may render the offending team responsible for all referee fees and match expenses for the canceled match.

All Member Teams will play their schedules as listed on the web site. It is the Member Team’s responsibility to ensure that they have a current schedule.


It is the Referee’s responsibility to ensure that the match report is accurate and maintain a match report for each match they officiate. The Center Referee must submit the report to the League Director before referee fees for the match are paid to all match referees. Reports may be submitted via the Internet.

All league stats will be taken from the match report the Center Referee submit and no changes will be allowed once the match report has been sent to the APL, unless both coaches and the Center Referee concur that an error has been made.

Standard points for results:
Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 point, Forfeits = (-3 points)

Forfeits will be scored as a 4-0 win.

Tie Breaker(s):

    • Winner of Head to Head match
    • Winner of most matches
    • Goal Spread (goals for minus goals against; max of 4)
    • Fewest goals allowed
    • Declared co-finisher if still tied


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